African Elephant Database

African Elephant Database

DataSet Animal(s) : African Elephant
DataSet Category : Mammals
DataSet Country : Kenya
DataSet Region : Africa
DataSet Type : DataSet
DataSet Access : Public
DataSet URL :

DataSet Date : January 1, 2012

Elephant population data is collected by different organizations, across a variety of habitats and using a variety of different techniques. Survey reports are obtained from wildlife management agencies and other organizations, and non-survey report data are shared in many formats by individuals and organizations with expert knowledge of an area. There are specific challenges associated with these kinds of data, related to their reliability and the availability and timing of new surveys. The AED overcomes this by using a system to accommodate all types of num­bers by classifying them according to their type and designating them as estimates and guesses. Pre­liminary range maps are shared with relevant experts to aid in modifying and revising them.

For more about the history of the AED, its data and the latest results from the database, visit the AED site or download the latest African Elephant Status Report 2016.

DataSet Agency : IUCN SSC African Elephant Specialist Group

DataSet Agency Contact :