Annotated Honey Bee Images

Annotated Honey Bee Images

DataSet Animal(s) : Annotated Honey Bee
DataSet Category : Insects
DataSet Country : United States
DataSet Region : North America
DataSet Type : Other
DataSet Access : Public
DataSet URL :

DataSet Date : August 27, 2018

This dataset contains 5,100+ bee images annotated with location, date, time, subspecies, health condition, caste, and pollen.

The original batch of images was extracted from still time-lapse videos of bees. By averaging the frames to calculate a background image, each frame of the video was subtracted against that background to bring out the bees in the forefront. The bees were then cropped out of the frame so that each image has only one bee. Because each video is accompanied by a form with information about the bees and hive, the labeling process is semi-automated. Each video results in differing image crop quality levels. This dataset will be updated biweekly as more videos and data become available.

-1 means the information is coming soon.

DataSet Researcher : Jenny Yang