British Birdsong Dataset

British Birdsong Dataset

DataSet Animal(s) : British birds
DataSet Category : Birds
DataSet Country : United Kingdom
DataSet Region : Europe
DataSet Type : Other
DataSet Access : Public
DataSet URL :

DataSet Date : December 1, 2017

Birds use songs and calls of varying length and complexity to attract mates, warn of nearby danger and mark their territory. This data set contains a recordings of different birdsong from bird species that can be found in Britain (although the recordings themselves are from many different locations).

The data set contains bird sound recordings, a specific subset gathered from the Xeno Canto collection to form a balanced data set across 88 species commonly heard in the United Kingdom. It was originally compiled by            Dan Stowell and shared on

The copyright in each audio file is owned by the user who donated the file to Xeno Canto. Please see “birdsong_metadata.tsv” for the full listing, which gives the authors’ names and the CC licences applicable for each file. The audio files are encoded as .flac files.

DataSet Researcher : Dan Stowell and Xeno Canto