North American Mammals

North American Mammals

DataSet Animal(s) : Mammals
DataSet Category : Mammals
DataSet Country : United States
DataSet Region : North America
DataSet Type : DataSet
DataSet Access : Public
DataSet URL :

The website offers:

  • Map of North America to find mammals native to a specific location.
  • Search for a specific mammal by common or scientific name, or select an order, family, or genus.
  • An interactive application to navigate through the mammalian family tree.
  • Search for mammals that are extinct in the wild or endangered in their natural habitat.

Multiple user interfaces are included within this dataset. Teacher lesson plans are available.


DataSet Agency : Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

DataSet Agency Contact :

Additional Information :

Taxonomic Group: Mammals
Ecosystem level: Species
Spatial scale: Continental
Data type: Compilation