The White Tiger Dataset

The White Tiger Dataset

DataSet Animal(s) : White Tiger
DataSet Category : Mammals
DataSet Country : India
DataSet Region : Asia
DataSet Type : DataSet
DataSet Access : Public
DataSet URL :

What is the cub mortality rate for white tigers ? Has it changed over time ? How does it compare with orange tigers ? Have breeding practices changed over time ? Do white tigers live as long as orange tigers ?

To answer these questions and others, it is helpful to have a dataset of  captive tiger breeding records that can be analyzed.

The Bengal tiger population of Indian Zoos was chosen for this dataset because of the  public availability, variety, and long time period covered by the records – and, of course, they include both white and orange tigers.

The resulting dataset contains approx 1700 records of individual tigers born from 1950’s to 2015, in a studbook format, with additional information. White tigers, orange tigers, known-heterozygous tigers, and wild-caught tigers are included.