Tiger Conservation Landscapes

Tiger Conservation Landscapes

DataSet Animal(s) : Tiger
DataSet Category : Mammals
DataSet Country : India
DataSet Region : Asia
DataSet Type : Research
DataSet Access : Public
DataSet URL : http://data.globalforestwatch.org/datasets/tiger-conservation-landscapes

DataSet Date : October 20, 2017

These three data sets, produced by WWF and RESOLVE, show the location of current tiger habitat and priority areas for habitat conservation. *Tiger Conservation Landscapes: *Tiger Conservation Landscapes (TCLs) are large blocks of contiguous or connected area of suitable tiger habitat that that can support at least five adult tigers and where tiger presence has been confirmed in the past 10 years. The data set was created by mapping tiger distribution, determined by land cover type, forest extent, and prey base, against a human influence index. Areas of high human influence that overlapped with suitable habitat were not considered tiger habitat. *Tx2 Tiger Conservation Landscapes: *This data set displays 29 Tx2 Tiger Conservation Landscapes (Tx2 TCLs), defined areas that could double the wild tiger population through proper conservation and management by 2020. *Terai Arc Landscape corridors: *This data set displays 9 forest corridors on the Nepalese side of the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL). Corridors are defined as existing forests connecting current Royal Bengal tiger meta-populations in Nepal and India.

DataSet Agency : GlobalForestWatch

DataSet Agency Contact : https://www.globalforestwatch.org/