Atlas Golden Wolf Project

Atlas Golden Wolf Project

Project Animal(s) : African golden wolf (Canis anthus/Canis lupaster)
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Africa
Project Type : Research
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Project is timebound? : No

The Atlas Golden Wolf Project is a research, conservation, monitoring and community engagement project that aims to understand and conserve the African golden wolf and Atlas Mountain biodiversity in Morocco.

The African golden wolf (Canis anthus/Canis lupaster) is a newly discovered species that had previously been misidentified as the golden jackal (C. aureus), a species found in Europe and Asia that is very similar in appearance. Genetic evidence revealed in 2015 that these African canids are a new and distinct species, most closely related to grey wolves and coyotes. The conservation status of the African golden wolf requires urgent assessment, yet there is a general lack of information on the species’ ecology, abundance, and threats, particularly in North Africa. Although population sizes are currently unknown, golden wolves are suspected to be declining across their range.


Project Agency : Wildlife Conservation Research Unit(WildCRU)

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Project Researcher : Liz AD Campbell

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