Blue duck/whio Projects

Blue duck/whio Projects

Project Animal(s) : Blue duck/whio
Project Category : Birds
Project Region : Across the World, Australia
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : No

We run conservation management projects, and have a recovery plan to protect our rare blue duck/whio.

Whio are being carefully monitored for the Oparara Blue Duck Protection Programme. The Oparara and its tributaries are one of the few strongholds for South Island whio.The river system once supported a significant whio population, making it an ideal spot for a recovery programme. It is located deep in Kahurangi National Park, Karamea; a diverse environment, providing the habitats for species such as great spotted kiwi, short tailed bats and giant land snails.

Whio/blue duck recovery plan 2009-2019: The plan focuses on retention of viable wild whio populations. Active management is needed to ensure the species’ long-term survival.

Manganui o te Ao River whioThe Manganui o te Ao River along with other smaller mountain rivers hold high numbers of whio.

Northern Fiordland whioThe Northern Fiordland Whio ‘Security Site’ located in Fiordland National Park is one of eight sites identified as a priority for whio management in the national whio recovery plan.

Oparara blue duckGet information about the Oparara Blue Duck Protection Programme, sponsored by Solid Energy.

Project Agency : New Zealand Department of Conservation

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Project Researcher : Andrew Glaser

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