Boost for Barn Owls

Boost for Barn Owls

Project Animal(s) : Barn owl
Project Category : Birds
Project Region : Europe
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : No

The decline of the barn owl in the UK is well documented and has triggered a national effort to conserve this Species of European Conservation Concern. Availability of rough-grassland feeding habitat, suitable breeding sites, and lack of habitat connectivity are the biggest causes of this trend. Yorkshire has been reported as one of the lowest counties in terms of barn owl coverage in England. This project will increase the range and population size of the barn owl in South and West Yorkshire by reinforcing the ecological network and connectivity of barn owls and grasslands, and by filling in current gaps and knowledge of existing breeding sites. A series of barn owl nest boxes will be installed, concentrating on waterway networks and areas of riparian farmland in the lower parts of the Don and Rother, and Idle and Torne river catchments.

This will provide strategic stepping stones between rough-grassland habitat, natural breeding sites, and neighbouring barn owl conservation schemes. Intensification of agriculture is a major contribution to barn owl population decline and though this project we will have an opportunity to engage local landowners and help influence farming practise to benefit this species. A long term monitoring scheme will be developed in line with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Barn Owl Monitoring Programme (BOMP). This will help to engage and train local volunteers and bird ringers, and provide valuable data on barn owl breeding success, distribution, and survival.

Project Agency : Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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Project Researcher : Jamie McEwan

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