Climate change and Himalaya

Climate change and Himalaya

Project Animal(s) : Bengal Florican
Project Category : Birds
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL :
Project is timebound? : No

BNHS rolled out its first programme under climate change in 2016 in the Himalayan landscape. The distribution of habitat specialist species like pheasants and finches, and community-based conservation interventions in the biodiversity hotspecks are the current focus of the programme.

As part of our Community Conserved Area (CCA) work involving communities living in biodiversity hotspecks of Arunachal Pradesh, efforts are on to start People’s Biodiversity Registers (PBRs) at the hotspecks. To begin with, we have set up Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) and the committee members are being trained in data collection, documentation and PBR formation. 

The threatened birds of Brahmaputra grasslands also form the focus of the climate change and Himalaya programme. We have classified the Brahmaputra basin into 12 clusters, where focussed surveys are being carried out.

Bengal Florican is a long-term programme of BNHS. The focus since 2016 has been on the status, distribution and conservation issues of Bengal Florican in Northeast India, especially outside the protected areas. We plan to conduct telemetry studies to study habitat usage and the movement of floricans in breeding and non-breeding seasons.

Project Agency : Bombay Natural History Society

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