Conservation of Black-footed cat

Conservation of Black-footed cat

Project Animal(s) : Black-footed cat (Felis nigripes)
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Africa
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : No

The black-footed cat is included in Appendix I of the CITES and is protected across most of its range. Hunting is prohibited in Botswana and South Africa.

The black-footed cat is one of the best studied small felids. Radio-collared animals have been observed over many years (since 1992) near Kimberley in South Africa so there is a lot known about its ecology and behaviour. A second study area has been established close to De Aar, 300 km to the south, since 2009. Since the black-footed cat is difficult to observe, there is still little information available about its distribution and conservation status.

Recommended conservation measures include more detailed research on its distribution, threats and status as well as further ecological studies in different habitats. There is an urgend need to create conservation plans for the black-footed cat for which more data on the species is needed.

The Black-footed cat Working Group aims to conserve the black-footed cat by conducting multidisciplinary research on the species by different means such as camera trapping, radio telemetry but also the collection and analysis of biological samples.

Project Agency : Cat Specialist Group

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