Conservation of Gangetic Dolphin in Brahmaputra River System, India.

Conservation of Gangetic Dolphin in Brahmaputra River System, India.

Project Animal(s) : Gangetic Dolphin
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : Yes

Project Start Date : December 14, 2004

The Brahmaputra river system within Assam of North-Eastern India is one of the major habitats of the endangered Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) in the world. However, due to various threats, especially of anthropogenic origin, the population has been declining at a rapid rate from the entire river system during the last three decades. In this critical situation there is an urgency to undertake long-term conservation initiative for the species, for which site as well as factor based and community participation conservation approach is the best strategy for the survival of the remaining population of the species in this river system.

To initiate this approach, the project will identify all the habitats of the species in the entire river system. The population status and distribution pattern of dolphins in each identified habitats as well as the ecological status of the concerned habitats will be determined. The rate of anthropogenic pressures, especially of poaching and by catch will be determined in each identified habitats. Linkages will be developed with local NGOs working for environment conservation and management authorities. Based upon the survey findings, the most threatened habitats will be identified. In these areas, an awareness campaign will be conducted amongst the local communities organized together with local NGOs and the concerned management authority with the aim of long-term conservation of the species.

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Project Agency : Aaranyak

Project Researcher : Abdul Wakid

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