Conservation of Mainland clouded leopard

Conservation of Mainland clouded leopard

Project Animal(s) : Mainland clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : No

The clouded leopard is included in CITES Appendix I and protected by national legislation over most of its range. Hunting is prohibited in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Hunting is regulated in Laos but it has no legal protection outside protected areas in Bhutan. It occurs in many protected areas.

Proper measures are required to minimize threats such as designing and implementing regional management plans and strategies. Habitat destruction must be diminished as much as possible and law enforcement and protection against illegal hunting has to be improved for successful conservation of the clouded leopard. Raising awareness could become an important measure as well. In China, some environmental education of local school children and adults has taken place in order to improve public awareness of the species.

There is a need for more investigation and studies of the ecology, distribution and status of the clouded leopard. The increased use of camera traps has led to a better understanding of its distribution and recent research has improved the knowledge about its population status. However, there is still basic ecological information missing, the amount of information on its distribution and status is still not satisfying and more research is needed to can take appropriate conservation measures.

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