Ecology and Conservation of Otter in West Sumatra

Ecology and Conservation of Otter in West Sumatra

Project Animal(s) : Otter
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL :
Project is timebound? : No

Project Start Date : October 9, 2009

In this project, otter in five wetland type will be studied; rice field, river, lake, swamp, and coastal area.

This project consists of five main activities; social survey by interview, tracks and signs survey, direct observation, scat analysis and socialization of otter ecology. Three days field work will be performed twice a month with total 20 fieldtrips. Otter existence, threats and other local information are gained by interviewing key informants. Tracks and signs surveys are in line with standard method for otter survey that outlined by Reuther et al (2000). Otter tracks and signs including scat are recorded and collected.

In case of positive signs found, direct observation by night spotting will be performed. Fish inventory from surround water body is needed as reference materials in scat analysis. Activity will be continued in laboratory to analyze scat by comparing with reference materials. Public awareness is achieved by presentation, leaflet and poster dissemination about ecological function of otter in wetland.

Project Agency : Otter Specialist Group

Project Researcher : Aadrean

Project Researcher Contact :