Habitat Use by Abert’s Squirrels in Managed Forests

Habitat Use by Abert’s Squirrels in Managed Forests

Project Animal(s) : Abert’s Squirrel
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : North America
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : http://flagstaffwatershedprotection.org/monitoring/other-monitoring-projects-wildlife-etc/
Project is timebound? : No

We trapped and radiocollared Abert’s squirrels (Sciurus aberti) in restoration-treated ponderosa pine forests to determine changes in home range sizes as a result of restoration treatments. We report evidence that winter vs. nonwinter home range of Abert’s squirrels was not different pre- vs. posttreatment. These results are important for land managers in designing forest treatments that reduce the risk of stand-replacing wildfire while providing habitat for the Abert’s squirrel. For full report: Yarborough-et-al

Project Agency : agstaff Watershed Protection Project

Project Agency Contact : http://flagstaffwatershedprotection.org/

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