Kakapo Recovery

Kakapo Recovery

Project Animal(s) : Kakapo
Project Category : Birds
Project Region : Across the World, Australia
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : https://www.doc.govt.nz/kakapo-recovery
Project is timebound? : No

There are only 144 Kakapo alive today. Kakapo recovery combines the efforts of scientists, rangers, volunteers and donors to protect the critically endangered kakapo.

We manage kakapoto ensure they are healthy and ready for breeding.Our regular Kakapo recovery work includes tracking with radio telemetry, putting out supplementary food and monitoring for pests. During breeding seasons, we monitor and manage kakapo nests and sometimes hand rear chicks.Adult Kakapo are solitary and reclusive. We handle them at least once a year for a health check and transmitter change. The rest of the time, we leave them to live as naturally as possible.

Project Agency : New Zealand Department of Conservation

Project Agency Contact : https://www.doc.govt.nz/