Leopard Conservation Project

Leopard Conservation Project

Project Animal(s) : Leopard
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Africa
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : http://www.leopardconservation.co.za/
Project is timebound? : No

The focus of the Leopard Conservation Project(LCP) has primarily been to protect leopard from poaching, poisoning, trapping, and over-hunting, however in recent years focus has shifted to include the collection of data on population and territory size as well as the genetic relatedness and diversity of leopards within different regions.

Little is known about the population numbers of leopard in Southern Africa. Due to their elusive nature, ability to adapt to almost any environment and, in some instances, extensive territories, estimates are sketchy and unsubstantiated in many areas.

To achieve their objectives, LCP has three areas of focus –

  • Protection
  • Research
  • Education

Project Agency : Leopard Conservation Project

Project Researcher : Fred Berrangé

Project Researcher Contact : fred@leopardconservation.co.za