Let’s Make Better Future for Grey Wolves in Bosnia & Herzegovina: Continuation of Conservation Activities

Let’s Make Better Future for Grey Wolves in Bosnia & Herzegovina: Continuation of Conservation Activities

Project Animal(s) : Grey wolf
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Europe
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : http://unibl.org/en
Project is timebound? : Yes

Project Start Date : February 21, 2018

Wolves from Bosnia and Herzegovina are at the central position of the large Dinaric-Balkan population which is valuable source of genetic variability for neighbouring populations but is insufficiently explored. Therefore, results of our previous and next projects are necessary for the thoroughly characterization of the mentioned Dinaric-Balkan population and creation of the wolf’s conservation management plan at larger, European, level. Bosnia and Herzegovina didn`t protect wolves despite the fact that declining and structuring of their population was reported at the mentioned territory. Having in mind that wolf population wasn`t explored at the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina ever before we decided to start with conservation activities. Our activities, conducted through previous RSG projects, included field monitoring, non – invasive sampling and genetic analyses; combination of these activities is necessary for creating good conservation plan as long term conservation output. The contribution of our work goes in favour of final (genetic) characterization of grey wolf population from Bosnia and Herzegovina and creation of conservation management plan. However, it is huge and time-consuming process. Thus, we still need, through planed 5 year long lasting project, to enlarge the grey wolf monitoring- and sampling territory.

Combination of the field- and genetic monitoring will help us to genetically characterize wolves and finally we will be in possibility to identify conservation management units. As we stated in previous project, we still have to perform activities (to expand the monitoring territory, enlarge sample, perform field trips and to conduct laboratory activities) for gaining all necessary answers on the conservation questions. Our very important contribution is in raising public awareness about the need of wolves’ protection, through: public lectures, field trips with students, seminars and workshops, which we performed through the past projects and will perform further – through new projects.

Project Agency : University of Banja Luka(UNIBL)

Project Researcher : Dragana Šnjegota

Project Researcher Contact : snjegotadragana@gmail.com

Additional Information :

Website: http://unibl.org/en
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dragana-%C5%A1njegota-1b84a584/