Loro Alisero Project

Loro Alisero Project

Project Animal(s) : Loro Alisero (Tucumán amazon)
Project Category : Birds
Project Region : South America
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : https://www.cebio.org.ar/proyecto-loro-alisero
Project is timebound? : No

Parrots are one of the most threatened groups of birds in the world, 30% of the species are in danger. This situation is due to the loss of habitat, pet trade and a combination of both factors. The Parrot alisero (Amazona tucumana) is an endemic and little known species of the mountain forests of Argentina and Bolivia (Yungas) whose population numbers have declined dramatically during the 20th century, leading to it being considered rare. This decrease was due to the fact that a total of 18,641 parrots were exported from Argentina in 4 years during the 1980s and the degradation and loss of their habitat. The range of parrot distribution extends from the Department of Santa Cruz in Bolivia to the Province of Catamarca in Argentina. This species is included in CITES I, It is categorized as Near Threatened according to IUCN and is considered a high priority for conservation and research. The critical habitat for the alder parrot is the forest of Aliso and Pino del Cerro, a narrow strip of forest between 1700-2200 m high in the Yungas of Northwest Argentina and Southern Bolivia. The Parrot alisero nests in hollows of trees in the forests of Aliso and Pino del Cerro.

In 2003, we started the Loro Alisero Project, whose goal is to generate reliable scientific information to direct conservation and management actions necessary to ensure the long-term maintenance of this species and its habitat.

The Project covers three aspects:

1- Generation of scientific information on reproductive biology, food ecology, population dynamics, behavior and the status of the populations of Loro alisero.
2- Use of this information to carry out actions of conservation and management of the species, such as the identification of important areas to conserve or the development of forest management criteria compatible with the conservation of the Alisero Parrot
3-Education and generation of awareness in the society of the importance of the conservation of the parrot alisero, and in general of the biodiversity of the Yungas, using the alder parrot as a species Flag or symbol of the Yungas.

Since the beginning of the Project we have had the support of various conservation organizations (Manomet Center for Conservation Science, Neotropical Bird Club, BP Conservation Program, Loro Parque Foundation, Idea Wild, Cleveland Metropark Zoo and Rufford), who have made possible the generation of essential information for the conservation of the parrot alisero and the Yungas.

Project Agency : CEBio Foundation

Project Agency Contact : fundacioncebio@gmail.com

Project Researcher : Luis Rivera