Lowveld Wild Dog Project

Lowveld Wild Dog Project

Project Animal(s) : African wild dog
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Africa
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : http://africanwildlifeconservationfund.org/lowveld-wild-dog-project/
Project is timebound? : No

Endangered African wild dogs are the flagship species of our work and organisation, and a priority species for conservation. With their unique and striking appearance, their intelligence and their highly interactive and caring nature, wild dogs are truly one of the most unique species alive today. However, listed as Africa’s second most endangered large carnivore, they are in desperate need of our help and protection.

AWCF works tirelessly to mitigate the major threats to wild dogs in their study area and secure safe and viable habitat for all wildlife through management-oriented research, hands-on conservation and community education and outreach. This is achieved through the following:

  • Safeguarding wild dog populations for conservation management; including collaring and monitoring (population trends, dispersal events, causes of adult and pup mortality) of wild dog packs using traditional spoor tracking, radio telemetry, camera traps at dens and photographic identikits for all known wild dogs and packs.
  • Assessing the genetic health and connectivity of the lowveld wild dog population.
    Monitoring trans-boundary movements and anthropogenic impacts on wild dogs, and following up wild dogs moving beyond the boundaries of protected areas.
  • Investigating the impact of competitive predators (lions and hyenas) on wild dogs.
    Reducing the threat from rabies by organising rabies vaccination campaigns in domestic dog populations surrounding the wildlife areas.
  • Removing snares from wild dogs (and other wildlife) and treating subsequent wounds.
    Supporting anti-poaching efforts to mitigate the threat from snaring as a cause of wild dog decline, and assisting anti-poaching efforts to remove wire snares from key wild dog home ranges and den site areas.
  • Working with schools and communities surrounding the wildlife areas to increase conservation awareness, improve education standards and opportunities for neighbouring communities, and promote human-wildlife co-existence.

Project Agency : African Wildlife Conservation Fund

Project Agency Contact : http://africanwildlifeconservationfund.org/

Project Researcher : Rosemary Groom, PhD

Project Researcher Contact : rosemary@africanwildlifeconservationfund.org