Parrots Project

Parrots Project

Project Animal(s) : Parrots
Project Category : Birds
Project Region : South America
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : No

Parrots are one of the most numerous groups of birds worldwide, with approximately 350 species, of which the greatest wealth is found in the Neotropical regions. Currently, 26% of the species is in danger of global extinction, while 11% is almost threatened. This situation is even worse in Latin America and the Caribbean: 31% of parrot species are at serious risk of extinction.

The main sources of threat include the loss, fragmentation and degradation of habitats as well as the capture for trade of live animals, for pets. To these factors, it is added that in many regions they are considered agricultural pests creating a conflict with man, which leads many populations to disappear or be threatened with extinction.

For most species of parrots, knowledge about their biology is still scarce, and this information would be of vital importance to identify threats of extinction and evaluate conservation measures.

In the Jungle Pedemontana of the Yungas there are eight species of parrots that depend on these forests for their feeding and reproduction, however it is the most threatened ecosystem and in recent decades a high proportion of these lands have been converted into agricultural areas. This loss of habitat in the region led some of these species to include certain crops as part of their diet, creating a conflict with humans. This project aims to increase the knowledge of the ecology of parrot species in the Pedemonte de las Yungas Australes through the study of diet, feeding patterns and habitat use, which will provide us with the necessary tools for the development of proposals future to manage the man-parrot conflict.

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