Population ecology of India Spiny tailed lizard

Population ecology of India Spiny tailed lizard

Project Animal(s) : Spiny tailed lizard
Project Category : Reptiles
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : http://bnhs.org/bnhs/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=176&Itemid=575
Project is timebound? : No

Population Ecology of Indian Spiny-tailed Lizard: This species of lizard – Saara hardwikii – is endemic to the arid region, which lies between India and Pakistan. It feeds purely on typical arid grass species. There is a huge demand for this species, leading to poaching and trading activities. Some people believe that the oil extracted from the flesh of this lizard can cure rheumatism. Available data and information are not enough to provide a clear road map for the conservation plan for this species. BNHS is conducting population ecology and distribution surveys in the semi-arid regions of Gujarat. For more specific studies of the population of this species, BNHS is seeking more quantitative data in order to design an appropriate conservation programme, based on scientific facts. Click Here for More Details

Project Agency : Bombay Natural History Society

Project Agency Contact : http://bnhs.org/bnhs/index.php

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