Project Tiger

Project Tiger

Project Animal(s) : Tiger
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL :
Project is timebound? : No

im Corbett launched the project tiger in the year 1972, when the population of tigers declined to an all time low of 1800. This dwindling tiger count attracted the attention of the Government which then took quick steps to safeguard these tigers from being extinct. Just after the Wildlife Protection act was enacted in 1972, a new scheme to protect the tiger was mooted. This scheme was named as Project Tiger.

The Indian Government governs the project Tiger as the Directorate of Project Tiger that comes under the ministry of Environs and Forests. The Director who monitors and supervises the running of tiger reserves and brings the financial aids to various state governments manages this project. State governments have the administrative control on Project Tiger. The field Director submits the report to the Chief Wildlife Warden. The Deputy Directors and general field staffs assist the field director.

The state governments receive full financial help for non-recurring and half-financial support for the recurring items that are approved

The major objectives to launch the Project Tiger are as follows:

  • To make certain that the viable count of tigers is maintained in the country for economic, scientific, ecological and cultural reasons.
  • To safeguard such regions of biological significance as a nationwide inheritance for education, amusement and benefit of the masses.

Project Agency : Corbett National Park, India

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