Rapid Action Project

Rapid Action Project

Project Animal(s) : All
Project Category : Birds, Insects, Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians, Arthropods, Mollusks, Annelids
Project Region : Asia
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL : https://www.wti.org.in/projects/rapid-action-projects/
Project is timebound? : No

The concept of a Rapid Action Project – one of WTI’s oldest initiatives – owes its genesis to the realisation that wildlife in India is plagued by innumerable threats that require an immediate response. Be they human-induced or natural, such threats, if not addressed in time, can have a disastrous effect on the country’s natural heritage. When responses to such situations at the field level are slow these issues worsen, eventually necessitating greater logistical and financial investments. Working through collaborations with grassroots organisations, government agencies and community stakeholders, RAPs help in overcoming spatial and temporal limitations to provide help where and when it is needed the most.

There may at times be interested individuals or committed grassroots agencies that can locally alleviate a particular problem in a timely manner, but are unable to respond due to a lack of funds, technical expertise or logistical support. Through RAPs, we extend support (financially up to Rs 200,000) to individuals and organisations with proven credibility.

Project Agency : Wildlife Trust of India

Project Agency Contact : https://www.wti.org.in/

Additional Information :

Interested individuals and organisations are required to submit a proposal in the format available here. Once your proposal reaches the RAP team (at rap@wti.org.in), it is evaluated internally by panel members and approved if the details (project information and statutory compliances) are found satisfactory. Procedural exceptions are permitted in extremely urgent cases.