Saint Lucia fer de lance project

Saint Lucia fer de lance project

Project Animal(s) : Saint Lucia fer de lance
Project Category : Reptiles
Project Region : North America, South America
Project Type : Conservation
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Project is timebound? : No

The Saint Lucia fer de lance is an endangered pitviper that is widely feared because of its potentially deadly bite. For many years, schoolchildren were erroneously taught that these snakes were brought to Saint Lucia to control runaway slaves. The Saint Lucia fer de lance is in fact unique to this country and rarely bites, but it is often killed on sight and is now listed as endangered. Both FFI and Durrell are providing technical support to implement a management plan that aims to reduce the number of snake bites island-wide by at least 80% and prevent human deaths and disabilities from snake bite while also ensuring that the national population of fer de lance is stable and its benefits are better understood. This involves collaborating with medical professionals, farmers, teachers, foresters, biologists and other stakeholders on Saint Lucia. Recent activities include providing protective footwear to persons who work in areas where the fer de lance occurs, streamlining access to effective antivenom treatment, and updating school textbooks with helpful information on snake-bite first aid and what to do if you encounter a snake.

Project Agency : Floraa and Fauna International

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