VICAM: Wild camelids, vicuñas

VICAM: Wild camelids, vicuñas

Project Animal(s) : Vicuña,Camelids
Project Category : Mammals
Project Region : South America
Project Type : Conservation
Project URL :
Project is timebound? : No

VICAM: Vicuñas, Camelids and Environment works with the Argentinean Altiplano Andean communities to help them to conserve their environment specially related to wild camelids, vicuñas. We have three central issues: environmental education and conservation policies, sustainable economic development by sustainable wild vicuñas management, conservation of traditional and cultural management.

Our main objectives are:

1. Conservation of the Andean wild vicunas’ (Vicugna vicugna) populations, within sustainable development of the Andean environments in their natural and cultural aspects based on scientific research.

2. Integration of traditional local knowledge to our research in order to obtain a solid and culturally accepted base that includes local people ideas

3. Dissemination of our knowledge and / or recommendations on environmental policies to genral public and government agencies.

4. Implementation of management plans and suggestions for the conservation and management of Andean biodiversity.

5. Establish programs for local communities capacity building for the conservation and management of wild vicuñas

6. Promote equity in access to information and research, both cultural (indigenous) and gender (young women) aspects.

Project Agency : VICAM: Vicuñas, Camélidos y Ambiente

Project Agency Contact :

Project Researcher : Bibiana Vilá